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Project RESET Eviction Assistance

Renters Emergency Subsidy for Eligible Tenants
(Assistance for Mortgage, Rent and Utilities is Available)

Project RESET – COVID Relief housing assistance program

If you have been negatively affected by COVID-19 you may qualify for Clayton County housing assistance.

Project RESET is a stabilization program focusing on supporting families in maintaining safe and stable housing.

Please note that funds are limited. We are working to determine applicants’ needs on a case by case basis. Your application will be reviewed based on the requirements listed below.

Requirements Checklist:

  • Must be Clayton County resident
  • Must be negatively affected directly or indirectly by COVID-19
  • Must complete entire assessment process beginning with intake form and uploading of all requested documents

Before you begin your application have the following required documents on your computer or phone so that you can upload them with your intake form.

Required Documents:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of unemployment filing (if applicable)
  • Copy of State ID for everyone 18 years old and over in your household
  • Proof of COVID-19 related hardship
  • Copy of mortgage statement (if applicable)
  • Full Lease agreement
  • Late notice or letter from landlord or mortgage company stating current full amount due with detailed breakdown of all charges dated within five days of when application submitted
  • Social Security Card (Everyone aged 6+)
Document scanning options:

It is strongly encouraged that you apply online. If you do not have access to a computer or smartphone, please call 678-369-4062 to set up an appointment for assistance with the application process.  If you have questions, please email

Consult the STEP flow chart for more detailed processing information. Download STEP Process Flow Chart

Applications will be processed within 30 days.
*There is a maximum amount of assistance that can be provided*

• Do not use Safari while completing the application. Google Chrome is our recommended browser option.
• It is highly recommended to use a computer and not a phone when filling out the application.

If you have already submitted your Project RESET form, click here to login to your account.
(You will receive an email when your account has been created.)